You don’t trust your hearing ?


 Hearing is a long process, including: your ears, the room, the monitors,

  the furniture and their Placement in the room.


 Our skills will show you the best path to bring your hearing excellence back.


We mainly use three axes to make your room sounds right



The advises: If you need a quick answer, ask for our advise. Fast and cheap we can support your understanding of  acoustic managment. See our price list


The design: Our philosophy is based on the understanding of your needs. We can’t organise the design of a music studio the same way a dubbing or a radio station. We put your needs first. See our price list or ask a quote.


The measurements: Are measurements easy to do? Yes and no. If it is easy to make a single measurement, it is really difficult to organise a complete set of measurements to get a complete overview of your room. We can support you with measurements protocole or with on site measurements.

But measurements are nothing without understanding.. Measurements done by us are fully explained. See our price list or ask a quote.