We decided to go digital not simply because it seemed fashionable. We had good manufacturing and processing reasons for doing so.

But our main reason was that moving from analogue to full digitalization allows us to boost both the sound quality and the service that We can offer you.

We designed our digital audio processor to produce dazzling sound and flexibility. To achieve this, we incorporated a DSP in a top-end audio system rather than building poor audio codecs around a powerful DSP.

We took the right decision. We can now proudly offer a superbly warm and natural sound.


An active monitor is always a combination of several elements: drivers, enclosure, volume optimisation, electronics, power supply and amplifiers. Only the optimum combination of monitor components can give outstanding sound quality.

While going digital, we decided to keep our high-end drivers and optimized enclosures. Moreover we associated state of the art digital audio with outstanding sound quality  amplifiers.

Thanks to digital technology, we can now obtain the highest sound quality using digital or analogue signals from any professional audio source.

For ease and comfort, the system is designed to recognize and adjust automatically to the incoming signal (analogue, S/PDIF, AES/EBU).


Technology must not be a burden.  On the contrary, technology should facilitate and enrich the user’s experience. That’s why we have designed a digital speaker that can be connected even more easily than an analogue speaker.

One of our main goals was also to allow our digital monitor to be used in exactly the same way as an analogue monitor:

Plug in any kind of signal
Turn the monitor on
Adjust the level if necessary.

That’s all you need to do!  Could not be easier….

Each of our speakers are of identical use (no slave and master devices) and can work in a stand-alone mode.  No complex network settings or master/slave configuration are needed.

Another great advantage of digital technology is of course to provide you with a much higher level of flexibility in speaker settings that has previously been attained with analogue models.

The end-user desiring to unleash digital power for enhanced listening experience will find all necessary tools, such as PC soft ware and remote controllers, provided.


The keypad control is straightforward and also very easy to use.
All you need to do is to:

Press on “left” or “right” to move around in the speaker menu.
Press on “up” and “down” to increase or decrease the value of the selected item.
Press on “short” in the middle of           to mute the system.

In order to facilitate the parameter settings, an alphanumerical display has been added.

Who can honestly say they enjoyed playing with tiny DIP switches, difficult to reach at the back of a speaker?   
Certainly no one. That time is definitively over.

Nowadays, the user’s interface has been considerably improved thanks to the keypad and the display.


The digital speakers manufactured by ATD² have been vastly improved to get a linear frequency response and clean phase behaviour.  The digital technology allows us to achieve a perfect time alignment of the drivers.

Moreover, we have included in the speaker software all the necessary functions to optimize the performances at the listening position.  

Thanks to our acoustical knowledge and know-how, we can now provide configuration files that matches perfectly with the speakers of any studio room.

The advantage is of course to make sure to ease the daily work of the sound engineer and to make sure he always works in a stable and known environment by using FAR monitors.


Even though the speakers can work on a stand-alone mode, powerful network functions have been foreseen to ease the system settings.

We provides several levels of control :

Connect the speakers together and set one (or more) as network master. The choice of a particular master will be reflected.

Connect the speakers to the remote controller  and get access to the selected parameters (depending on the controller model) of every individual speaker. It is always possible to control all the speakers simultaneously.

Connect the speakers to a computer and thanks to our remote control software, get access to ALL the speaker parameters. The system has been made future-proofed.  Upgrades of the PC software will improve the functionalities of your system.

Because of the large number of settings in a speaker, it is essential that the end-user keeps control of the system configuration.

In order to keep that control, FAR has decided to secure the system with a sophisticated bi-directional link. Thanks to this very particular technique, all speakers must give their status to the remote control system and this allows the sound engineer to know at a glance how every setting of his system is configured.